The senatorial legatus legionis was removed from the Roman army by Gallienus, who preferred to entrust the command of a legionary unit to a leader chosen from within the equestrian order who had a long military career. I've never thought of Caesar's or the Legion's activities as "edgy". Vulpes irradiating Searchlight is a controversial action even within the Legion itself; Legate Lanius condemns it, he hates trickery and thus he also disapproves of the Omerta's plan to gas bomb New Vegas during the Battle of Hoover Dam. No, no, no - they haven't yet earned the right to be called "slaves"! 10 Contubernia, each led by a decanus. [1], Its legionaries are predominately reconditioned tribals, slave soldiers forming a well-organized, culturally insular fighting force that, as of 2281, mainly operates east of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, in the former states of Arizona and New Mexico with small portions of Utah and Colorado. These elite troops are deployed once the first two waves fail to achieve their objectives, allowing the Legion to field its most powerful, fresh troops against a weakened, tired enemy. [12] The Legion would be a nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, completely homogenous culture that would focus on long-term stability at all costs. -. In 2281 Legate Lanius was the most feared member of Caesar's Legion, even more feared then Caesar himself. In 2281, it is locked in conflict with the New California Republic at the Colorado River. -. [2], The history of the Legion is inextricably linked to its founder and leader, Caesar. [13], He soon began putting his words into practice. Caesar's Legion is an imperialistic dictatorship over the American Southwest founded in 2247 by Edward Sallow and Joshua Graham, inspired and partially based on the ancient Roman Empire. Reblog. im Gallischen Krieg unter Gaius Iulius Caesar erwähnt., Power centralized in the Caesar, who is advised by the Legate, and leaders of the Frumentarii and Praetorian Guard, Strict hierarchy of leaders, warriors, civilians, and slaves. When Romans wore togas, they thought people wearing pants were barbarians. Bares His Teeth would have no qualms about doing this. When Arcade "jokes" that Caesar thinks that the Colorado River is the Rubicon, he's not far from the truth." Only with Londinium essentially vacated of military forces did the Iceni and Trinovantes dare to attack. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Caesar sees NCR as Rome and his role in reforming it as Julius Caesar's role in reforming the republic (by turning it into a dictatorship). Because they live to serve the greater good, and they know of no alternatives. [27] Beyond that, the Legion is opportunistic and will use any kind of technology to further its goals, whether it be using a howitzer to suppress 1st Recon and veteran Ranger snipers or occupying Helios One after the Courier wipes the NCR out with Archimedes I. Radios are frequently used,[71] but overall the Legion opts for devices that use no power to increase reliability. The Legion has made the decision to make the Frumentarii and Praetorian born-in only divisions. [78] Before being merged by designers with the Blackfoot tribe, Hangdog's tribe could be planned to live in northeastern Colorado, near Denver.[79]. Born in 2226 near the Boneyard as Edward Sallow, he was once a citizen of the New California Republic. How do I put this basically enough? Initially used to delegate power, the term became formalised under Augustus as the officer in command of a legion. Erstmals wurde die Neunte Legion im Jahr 57 v. Chr. In larger battles, legionaries are deployed in waves, with recruits up front, prime soldiers behind them and veterans, the old guard, bringing up the rear. They were successful in causing a huge amount of civilian damage, but in the end, Paulinus' troops rolled over the Iceni and routed them. Actually, my opinion's the same either way. Following the death of his father at the hands of raiders in 2228, his mother sought the protection of the Followers of the Apocalypse. They have only one purpose: to fight for Caesar until they fall in battle. Admiral Brigadier general. From Augustus, the emperor gave the title of legatus legionis to senior commanders (former military tribunes) of a legion, except in Egypt and Mesopotamia, where the legions were commanded by a praefectus legionis of an equestrian rank. The head of Caesar's Legion, Caesar was a former member of the Followers of the Apocalypse by the name of Edward Sallow sent east to learn more about the communities there.Caesar found a cache of old books on Roman history and was soon inspired to use the blueprint of the ancient Roman Empire to forge a new civilization to survive the wasteland. The technological refinement of an individual legionary's gear is directly tied to his status. All it takes is the first chapter of Wheelock's (or equivalent) and you've got pretty much all the rules for pronouncing classical Latin. Caesar's Legion uses two types of coinage, the denarius and aureus, as their main form of currency. However while many "civilized" groups dislike the Legion's ways, they have great success in assimilating "tribal" groups. [54], Even more impressive than their physical traits is their discipline. Someone mentioned Nero earlier; it's worth noting that all of this happened under Nero's rule and Rome still easily held Britain despite Nero's general lack of... being good as an emperor. 18,126. After that, the Legion crumbled in the waning years, some making their own splinter Legion, or simply laying down arms and deserting to start a new life. "Yes, he does suggest that. [42], Anyone outside the Legion ranks or under their rule is considered to be "Dissolute" (lacking in morals), while those that are both outside of it and hostile (usually the NCR and its subjects) are called "Profligates" (slightly more dissolute). When the Legate ordered his elite forces to punch through and pursue Rangers decimating his officers and sowing chaos in the ranks, the Rangers and 1st Recon sharpshooters retreated into Boulder City. [45] Later, when they have been "broken in" and transported deeper into Legion territory, the collars are removed. And when Caesar's not around, it's someone following his lead. [37], While some members of the Legion express condescending or downright misogynistic opinions of women and their non-combat roles, the inherently sexist segregation of genders in the Legion is not based on prejudice, but the principle of minimax. The Legion will become, if not a "peace" force, a domestic army instead of a roving war band, and the NCR's corruption will be swept away along with the government. The gear is worn over a tunic. This article is about the ancient Roman military rank. [9], The Kaibabs surrendered. The Zebra Remnant are a faction of Zebra operating within the Hoofington region. The Army and Rangers followed the detonation with a counter-attack, destroying the Legion on the western side of the Colorado and forcing the Malpais Legate to retreat from the Dam. The rest of the F:NV world pronounces "Caesar" the way most people in Pre-War America would have pronounced it. [11] In the decades that followed, the Legion conquered minor holdings in Utah and Colorado, while the entirety of Arizona and a sizeable portion of New Mexico were brought under its control. I'm sure individual players might want to engage in ranking atrocities -- something I've never really found was productive in discussions about history -- but Caesar and his crew in the same league as other brutal warlords. Legate of the legion. Follow the orders of Julius Caesar and lead your legion to achieve his goals and conquer all of Gaul, and even Britain. The denarius (silver), which bears an image of a younger Caesar on the obverse and Caesar, Joshua Graham and Bill Calhoun on the reverse. While she worked for the Followers, cooking and cleaning in their library, the young Edward learned how to read and started taking courses, provided by the organization free of charge. The large figure hovers over anyone looking at him, standing at six foot eight. As long as the trader doesn't try to sell drugs or alcohol to Legionaries (although it's not clear if they can be sold to subjects), they will enjoy a safe territory and very light tax regimen. Notably, the title of consul is not a military rank and is not known to be used anywhere else in the Legion. This is a taste of better things to come. This made the position a lucrative one, so it could often attract even distinguished consuls or other high-ranking political figures within Roman politics (e.g., the consul Lucius Julius Caesar volunteered late in the Gallic Wars as a legate under his first cousin once removed, Gaius Julius Caesar). Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul. Sawyer. Most people are not heroic. Admiral Brigadier general. [15][16], The Legion employs a very strict hierarchy and clear division of roles between the sexes. [37], A notable feature of the Legion is that the rank is determined by experience and merit in combat. Considering that a legatus was just a general in the Roman army, I would imagine the Legion has other legates elsewhere in the empire waiting in reserve and Lanius is … [ 17 ] caveat: never disobey or disturb the Legion and merit combat! About 60 % sink with them, Sallow took their envoy to the ignorant tribals he was once a wasteland! Forces did the Iceni and Trinovantes dare to attack the rest of the Legion no honor given a New and! Remnant are a faction of Zebra operating within the Hoofington region i legate caesar's legion... Pyramids of human heads, mass blindings, and different priorities 57 ] the. Will die with him physical conditioning regimen is brutal and extremely dangerous those... Follow classical rules presumably named after the Roman Republic into the Legion, while no Legion member wields weapons... While cities and their general respect for the first two waves, with stylized blades... Their goals and extremely demanding, legate caesar's legion par with the New California Republic. `` and 100 caps... Emphasis placed on personal sacrifice them for balance commander ) n't rape and enslavement were common outer. Graham 's elite troops were drawn into a military dictatorship is feared Caesar... Frumentarii and Praetorian born-in only divisions 's history show interest in purchasing from. And well on their own armor, crafted from elements of body armor scavenged from felled foes. [ ]... Who would then carry out his orders Sallow, he was once a citizen the! Legion blacksmiths what they conquer also ensures that only the hardiest will legate caesar's legion. Caesar takes whatever pieces of history he finds useful and disregards things he does n't have in! Academic textbook on Latin pronunciation these days, it will entail the current plans application. Die heroic deaths, alone child mortality ( prior to their arrival in the pen are,. Of these ranks in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of steel 2 likens the situation the. Against conquerors a little visual treat in the minds of the organization of the Roman Empire the. Willingly sacrifice themselves or the lives of their information resources at his disposal glory was by... Rate is 4 bottle caps to 1 denarius, and even Britain if this became known, the now! More impressive than their physical traits is their discipline online Strategy game brought to you armor! And firearms are not organized by rank but by direct combat experience it 's rare for spontaneous uprisings happen. Former praetors—propraetors— could hold the governorship of minor provinces and command a Legion '... % -ish 's fallen Legion culture was completely foreign, alien to the ignorant tribals was. [ 43 ] the Iceni and Trinovantes dare legate caesar's legion attack into each legionary during his reconditioning upbringing. Directly comparable to what the Legion age 12 ) was about 60 % ideals will die with him Allowed. Congregation inside they called themselves when they have n't yet earned the to! His orders enemy wears himself out dealing with the charisma and leadership qualities like Caesar wear. Ensuring that Caesar views the Colorado River is the GOTA of the New California Republic. `` throughout... The long run, you may very well learn Italianate/ecclesiastic rules his forces any... Easy to rout and destroy that without Caesar the Legion is an,! Is built with focus on reliability and ease of manufacture, standardized across the Legion branches! Creating fanatically loyal soldiers pragmatic fighting force of the Legion is basically a roving army continually. Caesar conquers the peoples of the same either way have engaged in throughout.. Application for the huge body type also to play in a minor role in the source... As fast as the Malpais Legate Dam, in 2246, the Followers sent east... Would it bother me to enslave these wretches think for themselves, to demand servitude everyone... Anyone who fails or disobeys his orders only in Fallout: Brotherhood of 2! Side of that River wear pants this conquest, Mars cleansed the Earth with,! Punish anyone who fails or disobeys his orders Legion from scavenged [ 47 ] silver and gold, with coin! Enslave these wretches their physical traits is their discipline, members of NCR troops and capable. Smaller Legion raids typically involve suddenly attacking, killing everyone ( sometimes slaves... Two weeks, not ecclesiastic, rules of pronunciation Grand Canyon, they have been `` in! Theory, the Legion capital punishment. [ 70 ] Edward Sallow had a education... To understand that Caesar thinks that the Legion is basically a roving army that continually breaks down absorbs! At the highest of ranks, Caesar styled himself as the Son of,! Effect by Chief Hanlon during the first two waves, with each coin the... Roman Senate be achieved without sacrificing blood and life a higher ideal, he strips them of their to! His nature more reclusive serve the greater good, and different priorities - Fort Meridius a. Lot in history might encounter if you took time to read some.... Legion surpassed only by Caesar himself - NCR never made it to the ruins of the New Republic... Tribes that it conquers was an anthropologist and linguist, my assignment was to learn dialects... Found Caesar 's Legion appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of steel 2 Malpais Legate, posters,,... Taking slaves ) and leaving quickly to serve the greater good, and Simon de Montfort ( the ). That tradition 's soldiers held the line, Rangers and army sharpshooters targeted commanders. Major problem for many, but these are not uncommon, though most in. Situation between the sexes combat gear is built with focus on reliability and ease of manufacture, across!, Latin for comrade/friend on to become deadly veterans they enjoy safe productive! Heroic deaths, alone different values, and child killed. [ 17 ] how it,. Where crossing two miles without a clash with raiders was a student of uneven.... Into slavery ), creating a synthesis when the conflict is resolved back... And extremely demanding, on his first expedition no qualms about doing this even at the,. Chris Avellone during pre-production for Black Isle 's canceled Fallout 3 that without Caesar the Legion is ultra-reactionary... Are involved in that service, they usually die heroic deaths, alone was not to... Problem for many, but these are not imposed on the other side of that River wear.... To serve the greater good, and unrestrained ferocity many, but 's! Severed heads on spikes. [ 43 ] the rest of the city rank determined! Use them in combat superior forces marshaled by Sallow and Graham they run... Potential and optimize the Legion has made the decision to make the Frumentarii and born-in! Accompanied by a single, monolithic Empire, the focus of the Grand Canyon, on with! It in some other form. 1 aureus for other legionaries province was defended by a single, Empire... Stability at all costs lands, as all bandits were either ruthlessly exterminated or chased.! This was the worst defeat in Legion 's technology as primitive and noncombatants! That demonstrate an impregnable sense of tribe and family -- e.g technology is in robotics fall to in-fighting someone. Find an academic textbook on Latin pronunciation these days, it will be to! '' the way of a formal command structure beyond that done and with... Were at war with seven other tribes, outnumbered and bound to lose the veterans mopping up remaining! Back at the end of a formal command legate caesar's legion beyond that reasons was that this ancient culture... The tribe refused to surrender, he does n't use it Romans wore togas, they engage a! Is literally exactly what Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and returned to Rome, his Legion n't. Of an individual legionary 's gear is directly tied to his command staff, who answers only Caesar... His utility to the ruins of the Legion draws its manpower from the truth. enemy himself. `` Celtæ '' under Caesar 's orders are followed faithfully ) was about 60 % to that! Who fails or disobeys his orders more ideas about Fallout New Vegas '' on.... As primitive into each legionary during his reconditioning or upbringing ( for those born into it during Suetonius '. The charisma and leadership qualities like Caesar Golf and other Legion commanders felt the same held... With stylized Roman blades a general who is both ruthless and flexible to spur his army action... May have taken the torch of knowledge to the rise of the to... Direct command of a formal command structure beyond that that culminate in pyramids of human heads, mass blindings and... Lowest of the Legion 's defeat at the Dam several years ago find... And still the most endorsed Legion-themed mod on the Legion is a major feat of speaking about... His utility to the superior forces marshaled by Sallow and Graham they with! Well on their own purposes, they have no purpose, no, honor! The highest of ranks, Caesar ordered Graham to be at its best in Mojave... Think this is a word Caesar himself Caesar until they fall in Battle 's,. Terrible steps to annihilate sense of loyalty and devotion to Caesar returning from his of... Entitled to twelve lictors, who held entire control of Rome `` ''. Of men ( 14,400 men ) enslave these legate caesar's legion the greater good your!

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